VonT is Well

Viewing the news from at home or abroad, it would be easy to get the impression that things in Huntsville are worse than they are.  While it’s certainly true that some have had there lives absolutely devastated from the tornadoes, most of us are just bored.

Thankfully, water and sewage services were never interrupted, and many (I dare say most) grocery stores in town stayed open with enough on the shelf to keep everyone fed.  Marshall Space Flight Center was even ready and waiting to do their part for Endeavour, should she have launched on Friday.  If the power is still out on the next attempt, MSFC will still be ready to go!

Dr. von Tiesenhausen is doing just fine too!  The impetus to make sure of this came, in fact, all the way from Taiwan.  Space Camper and teacher Lynn Hu was at Space Camp during the Tranquility Base Rendezvous and got to meet VonT.  Having read about the tornadoes and lack of power, she sent me an email expressing incredible concern for the safety of VonT, his wife, and Space Camp in general.

I emailed Sam Peterson, USSRC employee and one of VonT’s helping hands and she promptly came back with: “They are doing well. Sarah [VonT’s other set of hands] checked in on them Thursday and his son and wife are taking care of them. I have been speaking to them daily. They are bored but good.”

It was quite touching though.  Lynn’s concern really embodied the global reach of the Space Camp family.  It’s something that, once it becomes a part of you, it never leaves you.  If for no other reason then that, we’ll all be fine, no matter how bored we are!

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