New Plans for the 2011 Space Camp Hall of Fame Ceremony

The 5th Annual Space Camp Hall of Fame had originally been penciled in for August 19th.

As of today, the official date is August 26th.

But wait!  There’s more!

From 2004-2010, the USSRC has held its Saturn V Reunion (recently renamed to the “Space Exploration Celebration”) to coincide with the first landing of man on the Moon.  Similar plans were in the works for this year, but then a funny thing happened.

Because of the impending collapse retiring of the Space Shuttle program, the Marshall Space Flight Center asked the Space & Rocket Center to delay this year’s Space Exploration Celebration.  Had the Space Exploration Celebration been held on or around July 20, it would have run into conflicts with the current scheduled landing of STS-135 and all of the morning post-flight celebrations that will be held to mark this tragedy momentous occasion.

As such, for this year only, the Space Exploration Celebration and the Space Camp Hall of Fame will be combined into one event to be held on August 26, 2011.

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