80s À gogo

Thanks, I’m sure, to the 30th anniversary of Space Camp, I’ve noticed more photos resurfacing from the 80s.  This is a good thing, as the farther back we go, the harder it is to find what Space Camp looked and felt like during its first decade.

Just today I received an 1988 team photo from Patrick McLeod.  Have a look:

1988 Team Photo - Provided by Patrick McLeod

In case you’re looking for some tips on how to wear your hear for “Retro Night” tomorrow, I think this photo will help!

Also today, Danny Engesser posted a link on Space Camp’s Facebook page to his Flickr gallery of photos from his time at Space Camp, in June of 1988.  Check it out.  He even has a few more photos of Pathfinder without any SRBs.

Finally, Mike Flachbart posted to his twitter feed a picture of the very first group of kids to ever attend Space Camp:

Group Photo from Very First Space Camp, June 1982


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