80s À gogo Redux

I just received yet another team picture from the 80s.  You keep sending them, I’ll keep posting them!  Especially during this, the 30th birthday of Space Camp!

Mark Lopa wrote to me with the following:

Hello Vincent,
I just found my group picture from Space Camp. I was a pilot on the Challenger Level II team in April 1985. I’m the middle person in the second row up from the bottom wearing the gold watch. (Why I was wearing it I have no idea.) I can’t believe how long ago that was. I still have my hat and t-shirt, although the shirt doesn’t quite fit these days. I was in the eighth grade at the time.
Thanks, Mark!
What’s especially interesting about this photo, from a collector of artifacts’ perspective, is that I have never before seen that sweatshirt design.  Very neat!

Mark Lopa's 1985 Level II Team Photo
If you’d like to see the full resolution picture, click here.
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