Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Summer

Yesterday, I had the privilege of attending the graduation ceremony for this year’s crop of summer counselors!

In all, 50-some new crew trainers have earned their wings!

And today is the first day they are full-fledged Crew Trainers!

2014 Summer Counselor Grad Wings

This summer’s training session saw crew trainers for nearly all programs. ¬†Here are the new crew trainers for Aviation Challenge and the ropes course.

2014 Summer Counselors - AC and Ropes

And new Space Camp, Advanced Space Academy, and Robotics crew trainers as well:

2014 Summer Counselors - Space Camp, ASA, and Robotics

The Robotics crew trainers will be all the more visible at Space Camp thanks to their spiffy new lab coats.

2014 Summer Counselors - Robotics Grads

Congratulations to everyone!

I hope this summer brings nothing but fantastic new experiences, friends, and adventures!

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