Updates from Space Camp Turkey

Uzay Kampi - Space Camp Turkey - Medium LogoIf you’re not following Space Camp Turkey on Facebook or Twitter,  you probably should!

Though Space Camp in Huntsville is the epicenter of, well, Space Camp, Space Camp Turkey has a lot of exciting things going on as well!

They lead the mothership when it comes to number of videos on YouTube; that’s for sure!  They currently feature 81 videos versus Space Camp USA’s 77.

In fact, they’ve recently uploaded a few videos that might be worth some of your time!

Space Camp Turkey has done some remodeling and they’re showing it off with a new promo video!  They also just uploaded an episode from what appears to be a Turkish children’s program, ThÇocuk Kulübü.  The episode is unsurprisingly in Turkish, but still offers an excellent view of Space Camp Turkey!

Where the promo video provides fast cuts of a lot of Space Camp Turkey, this program takes its time and lets you see a lot of their facilities in greater detail.

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