It’s not Old, it’s Vintage

Homage Guy in Space Camp T-ShirtMy initial impression upon seeing the new Space Camp T-Shirt from Homage, an Ohio clothing retailer that “turns back the clock with shout outs to eclectic moments and personalities in sports, music, politics, and popular culture,” was to wonder why on Earth anyone would want to buy the very same T-Shirt that you can get at Space Camp, except at a higher price!

On good days, I forget all about what I long-ago dubbed the “DAD” (Disappointed Astronaut Dad) logo.  And I’ve forgotten that blue shirts with the Space Camp logo aren’t readily available anymore.  Until now, at least!

Everything that’s old is new again!

Homage is also sponsoring a contest to send you and a friend to Adult Space Camp!

Enter here.  Good luck!


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