Space Camp Explorers Club Launching

For the past few days, Space Camp and the Space Camp Alumni have been teasing a “new way to be a part of Space Camp Alumni!”

Though the announcement was supposed to come today, severe weather (and an early closing time today of the Space & Rocket Center) has put off the announcement until tomorrow.

But I think I’ve found it!

Behold, The Space Camp Explorers Club!

At a glance, it appears that Space Camp is setting up Patreon-like system where, for a fixed amount of money, you can get access to various things only available (or premium versions of things publicly available) to Explorers Club members.

There are three tiers: Bronze, Silver and Gold for $10/month, $25/month, and $50/month, respectively.

Explorers Club Tiers

If successful, this could provide a new, steady stream of income to Space Camp! Best of luck to them! I hope it is a smashing success!

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