HabForum Reaches 1,000 Posts

In record time, the HabForum has reached 1,000 posts!  If you haven’t taken a look at it, go! It truly is amazing the enthusiasm shown towards Space Camp.  Though I suppose it shouldn’t seem so amazing.  It makes perfect sense to me!

The HabForum has Exploded with Activity

In the past week, the HabForum has just exploded with dedicated Space Campers sharing their enthusiasm for Space Camp and Aviation Challenge with one another! If you haven’t yet seen the new HabForum, go take a look!  It might even make you want to register and share your own experiences!

New HabForum

A brand new HabForum has emerged from the ashes of the old one! It looks better, it works better, it IS better. Period. Use it and enjoy it! Of course, seeing as it is brad new, certain glitches could possibly arise. While I have made every effort to test it,… Continue reading