Enterprise Renovations (and I Mean it this Time)

Long time visitors to Hab1.com may remember that in July 2001, I posted that the Enterprise sim and it’s MOCR would be receiving renovations that fall….And then everyone that came back from camp told me nothing had been done! Well, I’ve received word that Enterprise flight deck has just been… Continue reading

Changes to the Training Center Floor

This just in! The Training Center Floor is currently undergoing some pretty major changes! Check out the pictures…notice any changes? (highlight below for the answer) Well, Columbia simulator has been completely dismantled (hence it’s not in these pictures anymore) and the Atlantis simulator has been rotated. Why, you may ask…well,… Continue reading

Space Camp’s 20th Anniversary Celebration Continues

Space Camp’s 20th Anniversary Celebration is still ongoing. If you happen to be in the vicinity of Titusville, Florida this Saturday, you can get tickets to have dinner with astronaut Jim McBride in honor of Space Camp’s 20th Anniversary. Tickets cost $60.00 each, with the event starting at 7:00pm and… Continue reading