State of Alabama Provides $10 Million in Funding to Space Camp

Two weeks ago, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey was on hand at Tthe Space & Rocket Center to announce a staggering $10 million grant to Space Camp to provide the initial funding for a new cyber security camp!  The money will presumably be used to fund new facilities to help facilitate… Continue reading

Muslim Ban Keeps Aussie Youth from Space Camp

In the midst of all of the stories and reporting regarding President Trump’s Executive Order banning certain individuals from entering the United States, one human interest story involving Space Camp came to light. Pouya Ghadirian, a 15-year-old with dual-Australian-Iranian citizenship, was planning on going to Space Camp this March, but the… Continue reading

Space Camp Summer Fest 2016 – Saturday – Town Hall Breakfast

Saturday was the big day! Saturday held the Space Camp Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony! Before the ceremony, there were, of course, more opportunities to dive in the Underwater Astronaut Trainer, fly missions with Astronauts, and run missions from Mission Control with actual NASA flight operations staff! At 10:30 in… Continue reading

ISC 2016 Stories and Notes

International Space Camp 2016 is just around the corner!  The Opening Ceremony is on July 9, 2016! And it’s already June!  Whew! As we get closer to ISC, news organizations all over the world have long since started to write features and articles on those who have been selected to represent their respective… Continue reading