SpaceCamp Finally Getting HD Release on Blu-Ray

SpaceCamp is finally getting a Blu-Ray release!

September 26, 2017 is the day!  And it’s available for preorder at Amazon!

The distributor of the film, Kino Lorber, was kind enough to send me an advance copy of the film, and I am here to give you my thoughts!

The short version: SpaceCamp has never looked better!  It’s a relatively inexpensive Blu-Ray (especially considering the cost of the DVD in recent years) and it’s worth picking up.

The long version: it’s a little frustrating.

For years I’ve dreamed of a cast commentary or at least a commentary with director Harry Winer.

This release has neither of those things.  What it does have are two short (~20 minutes each) interviews with Leah Thompson and Harry Winer.  And they’re magnificent!  Hearing the two talk about their experiences with the film was wonderful, and getting to hear Harry Winer discuss his trip back to Camp last year was a lot of fun, especially for someone who was there to witness it!

Beyond those two interviews, there’s the trailer for the movie, and a few trailers for some other Kino Lorber releases, and that’s it!

On one hand, I do hope for a future “Special Editon” release.  On the other hand, I’ll be frustrated when I buy this movie again.  And buy it I will!

In the meantime, the picture quality is adequate.  The film looks a little grainy, but it’s still a clean transfer of the film.  Since leaving the theaters, SpaceCamp has never looked better!  Even the HDNet airing of it is/was in 1080i, so this is the first time to see a 1080p version of the film!

A photo of the 3 disc releases - 2 DVDs and the Blu-Ray

The 2001 AnchorBay release was the first modern treatment of SpaceCamp.  It contained the film in both widescreen (non-anamorphic) and full frame, the trailer, and that’s it.

Three years later, in 2004, MGM re-rel eased the movie on DVD.  It contained the movie in widescreen (non-anamorphic), and that’s it.

Finally, in 2017, we get a proper high definition, widescreen transfer of the film.  It’s not a great transfer.  But it’s good.  And unless you saw SpaceCamp in the theater in 1986, it’s the best you’ve ever seen it!  And, unlike previous releases, there are a few actual special features!  Not enough of them!  But what’s there is wonderful!

Click to see the full resolution, 1080p image:

So pick it up when it releases on September 26!  It’s worth it!

State of Alabama Provides $10 Million in Funding to Space Camp

Two weeks ago, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey was on hand at Tthe Space & Rocket Center to announce a staggering $10 million grant to Space Camp to provide the initial funding for a new cyber security camp!  The money will presumably be used to fund new facilities to help facilitate this camp as well as the existing Space Camp, Space Academy, and Robotics programs.

You can view the announcement on Facebook Live at: 

State Representative tweeted out the following photo:

10 Million Check

Feel free to discuss this exciting news in the HabForum!

New Capsule Simulator

Atlantis may be gone, but there’s a new capsule simulator in the floor at Space Camp!

New Capsule Simulator on Training Center Floor

The new capsule can be seen on the left side of the photo, on the opposite side of the Training Center Floor from the other space capsule simulator, seen on the far right side of the frame.  Like the other capsule, it will run the same customized, capsulized version of Binary Star.

12 New AsCans, 2 Alumni

Today NASA announeced a dozen new Astronaut Candidates (“AsCans”) and, as it turns out, two of them have been to Space Camp!

Jasmin Moghbeli graduated from the Advanced Space Academy program and Bob Hines went to Space Camp!

Once they completely their training, it will bring the total number of Space Camp program alumni who have gone on to become Astronauts up to seven!

Jasmin MoghbeliBob Hines

2017 Space Camp Hall of Fame Class Announced

I’m behind on this by a few weeks, granted.

The U.S. Space & Rocket Center announced the class for the 2017 Space Camp Hall of Fame and it is a special one!

2017 Space Camp Hall of Fame Inductees

First up, NASA Astronaut Dr. Serena Aũnón-Chancellor shall be inducted. Serena is the fourth Space Camp alumna Astronaut to receive this honor.  She is currently training for an upcoming mission to the International Space Station!

Dr. Jennifer Heldmann is a Research Science at NASA’s Ames Research Center.  She earned a Ph.D. in Planetary Science at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Marine Maj. John Hecker has the right stuff!  He’s the pilot of “Fat Albert,” the Blue Angels’ C-130!

Dr. Michelle K. Christensen is a former Space Camper and counselor.  Before earning a Ph.D. from Penn State University, she spent some time at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, and she currently works at Blue Origin.

Want to see these fine folks inducted in person?  Get your tickets for the 2017 Space Camp Summerfest!

And read about the event and more in the Spring Edition of the Space Camp Alumni Association’s newsletter.

Summerfest 2017 Logo

NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge

NASA Rover Challenge LogoNASA’s annual Human Exploration Rover Challenge (formally known as The Great Moonbuggy Race) begins tomorrow, March 31, and runs through Saturday!

The event will be live streamed on Marshall Space Flight Center’s USTREAM page, and details throughout the event can be viewed on the Challenge’s Facebook page.

Good luck to all of the competitors!

The Mars Generation – Netflix – May 5

Back around the time of the 2015 Space Camp Hall of Fame weekend, there was a camera crew running all over Space Camp!

The result of that work is set to be shown in a new Netflix documentary, The Mars Generation, set to be available on that service on May 5.

A trailer was released today for the documentary, and it looks mighty exciting!

Educator ASA Openings

Space Camp for Educators LogoI was contacted recently by a teacher in search of other teachers.

She and some other teachers want to go not just to Space Camp for Educators this summer, but a special Advanced Space Academy for Educators!  But they’re a few teachers short of a team!

If you or a teacher you know are interested in going to Camp, June 29 to July 3 is looking for five more teachers!

If you or someone you know might be interested, shoot me an email, and I can put you in touch with the teacher who contacted me!

The Space Camp for Educators is an excellent resource for teachers.  You or a teacher you know would be well served to go through it!  Even better served, perhaps, by going through an ASA version of the program!