Hab1.com Welcomes its 1000th Visitor

Yep! I was just looking at the server logs, and it seems that Hab1.com has received 1000 visitors since I started keeping track in mid-March!

That’s a milestone I am proud to have reached, and I thank all of you who have visited this site since it opened a few months ago!



Overhaul Finished

Just thought I’d let you know that I’ve finished with the slight recoding of the site’s code I was doing…last night had me panicked a little bit, and if anyone loaded up the homepage around 9:00pm EDT last night, you know exactly what I mean by panicked!

Polling System Added

A new, interactive polling script has been added to Hab1.com!

Visible in the navigation menu on the left, you can now vote on a given topic.

The first topic is, quite simply, asking how many times you’ve been to a Space Camp, Aviation Challenge, or Space Academy program.

Vote now!

I’ve also posted a new topic in the Questions/Comments forum of the HabForum (it seems everything here starts with the word Hab, doesn’t it?! 🙂 so you can leave ideas in that topic, if you’d like!

A Small “Under the Hood” Overhaul

I’m currently trying to improve some of the code on the site, optimizing it if you will…

…So, for the next couple of days, if you click on a link and get any sort of error, or see an error listed with only part of a page displayed, wait a few minutes and press reload on your browser…by then, it should be fixed.


Part of Hab1.com has Actually been Updated!

Yes, yes…I know I haven’t updated this site for some time…school just got the better of my time, and I was stressed out for quite some time!

But school’s over now!!! Well, until fall, at least…but I promise to make updates more frequently than I have been…

The latest update was made to the HabForum…it has received an incremental upgrade…Hopefully, this will ensure smooth operation as more and more people join and post (*hint* *hint*)

Additionally, all of the old news (including where to go for some contests) can be accessed in the Archives…click at the bottom right corner of the news to get the the Archives.


Yet Another Space Camp Contest

Companies seem to just want to give free trips to Space Camp more and more these days!

This time, startrek.com is offering a free trip for 4 to Space Camp (So this way, when you win, you can take your favorite Space Camp community website webmaster with you :)!!!

The only problem: This one requires more work than the Chips Ahoy contest.

The goal here is to know as much as possible about Star Trek trivia. So, if you love Space Camp, and you’re also a hard-core trekker (or trekkie, or whatever!), this trivia contest may be an easy ticket to Space Camp!

Star Trek Trivia Log

ASA Sessions in June are Almost Full

I called today to see what dates were available:

June 3-8 and June 24-29 in the Payload Specialist Tracks were the only dates available.

If you want to go in the month of June, I suggest you hurry and give them a call at 1-800-63SPACE or register online.

I guess I for one will not be going, due to both those dates being quite bad for me, and my being too old after June to go. *sniff*

Hurry if you want to go!

Win a Trip to Space Camp

Space Camp Parent-Child LogoChips Ahoy (Nabisco) is offering an all expense paid trip for two adults and two children to the Parent/Child U.S. Space Camp program in Titusville, Florida!

You can enter once per day at the site.

At the left, it will ask you your age…make sure you enter at least 18, otherwise, it won’t let you try to enter again for a day.

According to the site, the prize package contains:

  • Roundtrip coach airfare for four (two adults/two children) to Titusville, Florida
  • Tuition for four to Parent/Child Space Camp in Titusville, Florida including training, meals & accommodations for three days and two nights
  • Flight Suits and Training Gear for each participant
  • Space Funds (spending money for camp)
  • Roundtrip ground transportation in Titusville, Florida

Sounds like a good trip!  Good luck to all!

HabForum Updated

First, I know I haven’t updated the site in two weeks. For that, I must apologize!

Between increased schoolwork, and having to visit several colleges (with another trip scheduled soon), I have been too busy and stressed out to devote my energies to this site.

On the upside, I have just updated the HabForum with a brand new forum!

In Counseling Sessions (please email me if you have a better name…it’s the best I could think of), campers can discuss things such as their favorite counselors at Space Camp, ask questions about becoming a counselor, etc.

I think the forums have been under utilized lately, and I urge everyone to go post a question or comment or two, and see what others have to say!