It’s a Blast from the Future, George!

This auction, currently running on eBay, has a Jetsons cereal box from 1990 with a promotional ad offering a free trip to Space Camp.

The box is from 1990 (I didn’t even know there ever was a Jetsons cereal, let alone as recent as 1990).

The auction price is currently at $4.95.  While I did plan to buy it so I could post scans of the back (assuming there’d be a full-blown Space Camp promo on it), I really can’t justify spending even five bucks for the thing, so you’ll have to make do with this very small picture the seller posted.

Jetson's Cereal Box

NASA to Cancel X-33 and X-34 Projects

Due to technical difficulties, NASA has decided to no longer invest any additional funds above the approx. $1 billion they’ve already spent funding two new shuttle projects.

It’s really sad to see the X-33 project, which was to eventually spawn the Venture Star (and which was also supposed to have had a test flight in 1999), get canceled.

At Space Camp, one of the things they always spoke of (as of late) was the exciting new changes coming to our space program…

On the other hand, this means they can probably go another twenty years or so without having to replace all of their simulators…

Further details on this story can be found at

An Ad I Saw at Taco Bell

I was eating dinner at Taco Bell last night and on the paper insert on my tray was an ad from the National Kidney Foundation featuring the space shuttle with the slogan, “About the only vehicle we can’t accept.”  The ad is trying to get people to donate their vehicles to the NKF.

Now, a shuttle is worth several billion dollars.  If someone had one to give, I assure you, they’d take it.

Still…I thought it was pretty funny…especially considering it came from Taco Bell!  Enjoy!

Taco Bell Tray Ad

I’m Still Alive!

No, your intrepid webmaster isn’t dead!

I know this site hasn’t been updated for some time, but let me assure you that that’s true in appearance only…sort of…

I’m currently spending most of the time I have to work on this site working on the CamperFinder project.

It’s coming along alright, but it’s probably going to be a few weeks before it gets even close to done (if all goes well, at least).

Yet Another Archives Update

This time, the files section has been updated, and you can now download an article on Space Camp from a 1986 edition of Boys’ Life Magazine!

The Archives page itself, however, continues to look really ugly, but I will eventually get around to creating the graphics for it…

In the meantime, enjoy the article! is now UP and RUNNING!!!

Well, it’s official! I am now officially launching for all out there to see!

Now, because I’m launching it now, one might assume that the site is finished…unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth. I still have much work to do to shore this site up, and much content needs to be added.

However, because I have not worked as hard as I should have been while I was building/testing this site, I have decided to make this site public, in an effort to get myself moving on the development of this site.

So, despite all of this, I happily bid you welcome to!!!