Hab1.com is Back Up!

After not being accessible for a day or so, Hab1.com is back!

Sorry about the downtime…there was a little problem with the domain. Namely, the problem was that it had expired!

Nevertheless, it was for the best, as I finally have hab1.com registered with a decent registrar!

Bad Things…

Truly, this has been a horrible day.

My best wishes to those affected by this terrible event.

Further, Kennedy Space Center shut down today, so damn those terrorists!

Astronauts on the ISS reported seeing the smoke plumes in both New York City and Washington D.C.

A bad day, indeed…

SpaceCamp is Coming to DVD

If you’re like me, you love movies and you’ve completely scorned VHS in favor of DVD.

If that’s the case then you might also be disappointed by the fact that some of the more obscure films, such as our beloved SpaceCamp cannot be found on DVD.

Well, with regard to SpaceCamp the movie, all of that is about to change!

On September 25th, Anchor Bay Entertainment will be releasing SpaceCamp on DVD!!!

Details are sketchy, but it appears as if the disc will contain both the full frame version as well as the widescreen version. I have never seen SpaceCamp available in widescreen before and, to my knowledge, neither has anyone who didn’t see it when it was in theaters! The best part is, the widescreen version is reported to be Anamorphic!

Other than a trailer though, the disc seems to be devoid of any extras…*sigh*

Still, the fact that this is going to be released on DVD is a small miracle…At the very least, it makes Anchor Bay my Hero of the Day™.

Excited about the release? Post your thoughts/opinions/etc. in the SpaceCamp Movie Forum!

Forgotten Astronauts

As posted on Slashdot today (but with the proper link here!), USAToday.com has an article (with accompanying video clip) commenting on how today’s astronauts are practically unknown to anyone, and compares the fame of America’s past astronauts to the current ones.


Astronauts used to be worshipped as heroes. Now they’re heroes only in the way teachers are: through Hadfield’s “unrecognized but extremely valuable work.” That’s a loss for the country, NASA administrator Dan Goldin says. “These people reflect the American spirit. I’m sad America doesn’t know them.”

At Houston’s Johnson Space Center, the home for the human spaceflight program, astronauts are a dime a dozen. An ordinary person walking across the center wouldn’t pick them out from among the engineers and flight controllers.


To read the entire article in full, click here.

Hab1.com Welcomes its 1000th Visitor

Yep! I was just looking at the server logs, and it seems that Hab1.com has received 1000 visitors since I started keeping track in mid-March!

That’s a milestone I am proud to have reached, and I thank all of you who have visited this site since it opened a few months ago!



Overhaul Finished

Just thought I’d let you know that I’ve finished with the slight recoding of the site’s code I was doing…last night had me panicked a little bit, and if anyone loaded up the homepage around 9:00pm EDT last night, you know exactly what I mean by panicked!

Polling System Added

A new, interactive polling script has been added to Hab1.com!

Visible in the navigation menu on the left, you can now vote on a given topic.

The first topic is, quite simply, asking how many times you’ve been to a Space Camp, Aviation Challenge, or Space Academy program.

Vote now!

I’ve also posted a new topic in the Questions/Comments forum of the HabForum (it seems everything here starts with the word Hab, doesn’t it?! 🙂 so you can leave ideas in that topic, if you’d like!

A Small “Under the Hood” Overhaul

I’m currently trying to improve some of the code on the site, optimizing it if you will…

…So, for the next couple of days, if you click on a link and get any sort of error, or see an error listed with only part of a page displayed, wait a few minutes and press reload on your browser…by then, it should be fixed.