The Day Skylab Fell

With Mir crashing and burning sometime tomorrow, WiredNews has an article up which looks back at the day Skylab fell to Earth, oh so many years ago.

If you paid attention at Space Camp, you’ll recall the stories of the day Skylab fell upon Australia…

In the days and weeks that followed, experts came out to have a look at the debris, taking samples back for examination. The only thing the town got from officialdom for its trouble was a gift plastic model of Skylab, she said.

Andre’s husband Mervin — president of the local town council at the time — issued the Yanks a ticket for littering. It remains unpaid, 21 years later.

…The article made no mention of the jackrabbit though!

The Sky is Falling

Well, as we all know by now, The Russian space station Mir is set for a fiery reentry sometime on March 23rd.

With all the hoopla surrounding it, I thought it time to provide all of you with some interesting reading before the big day. is a site dedicated to keeping the countdown clock for Mir’s reentry, along with news and information on this remarkable piece of…well, garbage.

As posted on The Register, someone on eBay is selling a the ‘Crashing MIR Space Station Detecto-Hat’. Get yours before it’s too late!

Additionally, Taco Bell has set up a 40ft. x 40ft. floating target in the South Pacific, with the promise that, if the core of Mir hits the target on reentry, everyone in the United States will receive a free taco!!!

So, everyone in the States, keep your fingers crossed!

Campers’ Sites Link Section Updated

I have just updated the page of HabLinks with a fantastic site I recently discovered.

Estelle Tidey won a trip last summer to the 2000 session of International Space Camp by writing a wonderful essay on the International Space Station.

Estelle’s “Space Nut” section on her website details her experience at Space Camp, and includes many wonderful photos from around camp.

I highly recommend that everyone check out her site!

Estelle's World

Look, Ma! No Boosters!

I recently acquired a currently out-of-print book titled, “Let’s Visit A Space Camp.”

The book, which dates back to 1990, contained, among other great photos, one taken before the Pathfinder received its SRB’s.

Pretty great stuff!

Pathfinder sans Boosters

Links Section Reorganized

I have reorganized the HabLinks section  such that instead of throwing every single site together on one page, it’s now organized by type.  There’s a page for Official Space Camp web sites as well as sites created by campers.

In the future, I also plan to include links to other sites, such as official NASA sites and such…this reorganization will make that much easier.

It’s a Blast from the Future, George!

This auction, currently running on eBay, has a Jetsons cereal box from 1990 with a promotional ad offering a free trip to Space Camp.

The box is from 1990 (I didn’t even know there ever was a Jetsons cereal, let alone as recent as 1990).

The auction price is currently at $4.95.  While I did plan to buy it so I could post scans of the back (assuming there’d be a full-blown Space Camp promo on it), I really can’t justify spending even five bucks for the thing, so you’ll have to make do with this very small picture the seller posted.

Jetson's Cereal Box

NASA to Cancel X-33 and X-34 Projects

Due to technical difficulties, NASA has decided to no longer invest any additional funds above the approx. $1 billion they’ve already spent funding two new shuttle projects.

It’s really sad to see the X-33 project, which was to eventually spawn the Venture Star (and which was also supposed to have had a test flight in 1999), get canceled.

At Space Camp, one of the things they always spoke of (as of late) was the exciting new changes coming to our space program…

On the other hand, this means they can probably go another twenty years or so without having to replace all of their simulators…

Further details on this story can be found at