ASA Alumnus in Miss USA Pageant

Miss New Mexico, Jenna HardinRecently crowned Miss New Mexico and two time Advanced Space Academy alumnus Jenna Hardin will be competing on Monday in the Miss USA Pageant!

The pageant will air on NBC Monday night starting at 9:00PM Eastern Daylight Time. A special Miss USA FearFactor will be on right before that, but I don’t believe they’ve announced which women have been chosen to participate.

Watch and support your fellow Space Camper! Also, during the pageant, make sure you visit the Miss USA website and vote for Miss New Mexico for the “Miss Photogenic Award!” The online votes will be tallied and announced at the end of the competition. So be sure to go vote!

And to find out just how she got involved in such a crazy event, see here.

Update: Jenna’s made it into the top 15!

Update: And she was just robbed, not making it into the top 10. Tough break indeed!

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