ISC 2008 Starts this Weekend!

International Space Camp LogoAfter last weekend’s events, there’s no rest of the possibly weary staff of the Space Center. They worked really hard to make sure last weekend’s festivities were fantastic and they’re no doubt working just as hard to make sure that the 2008 International Space Camp opening ceremony goes off without a hitch this Saturday, July 26 at 5pm.

The International Space Camp Opening Ceremony has to be, by far, one of my most favorite things.

Last year, the opening ceremony was held in the Educator Training Facility. I imagine it will either be there again this year or, perhaps more likely, in the Davidson Center. If it’s the latter, I can’t imagine them not letting the public attend as there’s more than enough room to accommodate everyone that would show. If it isn’t open to the public, sneak in (just kidding).

Worry not though, just like last year, I plan to be on hand to get as much video as possible. And, just like last year, I’ll be posting my favorite presentations right here!

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