Beyond the Stars

Years ago, I posted that I had just seen the movie Beyond the Stars, which featured the Space & Rocket Center / Space Camp in the film:

So I’m watching this cheesy movie from 1989 called “Beyond the Stars.” It’s a movie where Christian Slater wants to be an astronaut, and throughout the movie they keep talking about NASA and what not, but they keep mentioning Huntsville.

Later in the film, they go to MSFC and The Space & Rocket Center!

Martin Sheen: I was on my way to Huntsville, Alabama so I called your dad and asked if could stop by and ask if I could take you with me. If you want to go.

Christian Slater: Where? NASA? To the Space & Rocket Center?

They’re everywhere too! They show the museum: Casper, the LEM model, Saturn V, etc. They climb around Space Camp simulators (even the UAT! No Space Camp logo was shown though)!

Worth checking out, if only for a “Hey! I’ve been there!” moment!

Well, here’s that clip, if you haven’t seen it already.

If you haven’t seen the movie, you probably don’t need to now!

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