Alumni Volunteer Saturdays

The Alumni Advancement Board is looking for volunteers to help clean and prepare several artifacts around Camp over the course of this summer, and you can help! First on the list, volunteers are going to meet this Saturday morning to work on the F-16 down at Aviation Challenge!

Aviation Challenge F-16 If you’re interested, sign up on the volunteer page! You can sign up for one or several Saturdays. Come prepared to work outside as weather permits. Recommend items:

  • Appropriate clothing for working outside and potentially getting dirty – ex. long pants, closed toed shoes, hat.
  • Work gloves
  • Eye-protection (sunglasses, safety glasses)
  • Sanders (rotary, orbital) or spare sander discs – USSRC has a few sanders to provide, but the more the merrier.
  • Face masks / respirators
  • Sunscreen
  • Water bottle

The planned starting time is 7am so that work can be started and finished before the Alabama summer makes it unbearable to work outdoors.  If a day is cancelled or delayed due to weather, an email will be sent out.  That’s why it’s important you go sign up!

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