I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that live views of Rocket Park can be seen from the Saturn V Cam. I would also like to ask that someone with access to the camera refocus it, wipe the lens, and/or etc. Many months of weather have no… Continue reading

April Second

April Fool’s Day has come and gone. You can once again believe what I post! But I was amused (and touched) at all of the people who responded thinking I was serious!

It Belongs in the Brochure

I wanted to share with everyone a photo my friend and fellow counselor this summer Stasia took of the ever popular rocket launch! I for one think they need this photo (or one just like it) in the 2006 brochure (hint, hint). Regardless, it sure is fun to look at!


We greatly appreciate your interest in a Counselor position for this summer. Unfortunately, we will not be hiring any new counselors. Due to budget constraints, we will only hire returning counselors who have already been trained. We will, however, hire new counselors for the January/February 2004 training session. If you… Continue reading