Max-Q Confirmed for 2010 HoF Induction

What unfortunately couldn’t be done last year has now been confirmed for this year! Max-Q, the intrepid band of astronaut musicians, will perform at the 2010 Space Camp Hall of Fame Ceremony. Though it is a shame that there will be no alumni camp this year to provide a great… Continue reading

Politics and Social Media, Part Deux

Al Whitaker, Media Relations Director at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center, saw my post from yesterday critiquing the Space Center for mixing politics into its social media efforts and has swiftly taken action to rectify the situation! As requested, here is his response, reposted here in full: Vince, Touché!… Continue reading

ASSEC – Board Seats Available

Alabama’s current governor, Bob Riley, is currently soliciting applications and recommendations for those that want to serve on or recommend someone to serve on a number of state agency boards, the Alabama Space Science Exhibit Commission amongst them. The Alabama Space Science Exhibit Commission is the state owned organization that… Continue reading