Covert Affairs

Space Camp gets a nod on this week’s episode of the show Covert Affairs on USA. The synopsis of the NASA-themed episode is: Annie gets orders to infiltrate a NASA satellite maintenance team that may have a staff member giving intelligence to Colombian FARC rebels. Annie meets Will and his… Continue reading

“A Smile as Big as the Moon” Movie News

After years of being a possibility, the book that Jerry Bruckheimer’s production company optioned looks like it’s finally going to be made into a  major motion picture! Details are scant for now, other than a working title of “Einstein’s Children.” I very much hope that it’s still going to be… Continue reading

SpaceCamp Retrospective

The Huntsville Times published a short retrospective on SpaceCamp and what it meant to the actual Space Camp. And, of course, young people have never stopped watching “SpaceCamp.” “I don’t think I’ve ever met a kid who hasn’t seen that movie,” Buckbee said.

Technical Problems with the SpaceCamp DVD

Some users in the HabForum mention that they were having some troubles with their copies of AnchorBay’s now discontinued SpaceCamp DVD. They are aware of the problems and you can send back the disc to get it replaced if you’d like. Visit for more information including how and where… Continue reading