“Space Warriors” Details Emerge

The Huntsville Times mentioned in a blurb about the Space & Rocket Center’s ongoing bullet-related repairs that additional actors have signed on for “Space Warriors,” along with tentative shooting dates running from June 25 through the end of July. In addition to Thomas Horn, the Times article lists Greg Kinnear,… Continue reading

“SpaceCamp 2” gets Official Title

Citing this story over at deadline.com, The Huntsville Times is reporting that actor Thomas Horn, star of the recently overlooked but fantastic film, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, has landed the role in the upcoming Space Camp movie. Space Warriors. USSRC CEO Deborah was quoted in the article as saying… Continue reading

Houston Hall of Famers at Smile Premiere

Mike Flachbart, Vice President of Center Operations, posted a fantastic photo to his twitter feed.  An impressive six members of the Space Camp Hall of Fame live in the Houston area, and every single one of them made it out to the Houston Smile premiere last Friday night! Update:  As… Continue reading