State of Alabama Provides $10 Million in Funding to Space Camp

Two weeks ago, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey was on hand at Tthe Space & Rocket Center to announce a staggering $10 million grant to Space Camp to provide the initial funding for a new cyber security camp!  The money will presumably be used to fund new facilities to help facilitate… Continue reading

Lea Thompson Talks SpaceCamp

Yahoo Movies has an interview with Lea Thompson.  During the nearly half-hour interview, the actress made some rare comments about SpaceCamp! The entire interview can be seen here at Yahoo! Movies, but the relevant SpaceCamp section can be viewed below:

12 New AsCans, 2 Alumni

Today NASA announeced a dozen new Astronaut Candidates (“AsCans”) and, as it turns out, two of them have been to Space Camp! Jasmin Moghbeli graduated from the Advanced Space Academy program and Bob Hines went to Space Camp! Once they completely their training, it will bring the total number of Space… Continue reading

NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge

NASA’s annual Human Exploration Rover Challenge (formally known as The Great Moonbuggy Race) begins tomorrow, March 31, and runs through Saturday! The event will be live streamed on Marshall Space Flight Center’s USTREAM page, and details throughout the event can be viewed on the Challenge’s Facebook page. Good luck to all… Continue reading

Educator ASA Openings

I was contacted recently by a teacher in search of other teachers. She and some other teachers want to go not just to Space Camp for Educators this summer, but a special Advanced Space Academy for Educators!  But they’re a few teachers short of a team! If you or a… Continue reading