(Sorta) Space Camp Snoopy Shirt on Woot! Today

shirt.woot.com has a shirt today feature Snoopy on top of his doghouse in a Space Shuttle that says “Space Camp 1982” in a NASA worm-logo font. Is it authorized? Certainly not! Is it neat? Absolutely! This is not the first time shirt.woot has a shirt referencing Space Camp! Back in… Continue reading

Hab1 is 20

20 years! It seems like just yesterday I was celebrating 10 years! How time flies. Ten years ago, I said “It’s important that we stay engaged with Space Camp through the good times and the bad. Space Camp’s most difficult challenges likely still lie ahead.” I didn’t realize how true… Continue reading

Blue Origin Tours Space Camp

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, Blue Origin–more specifically Club for Future, Blue Origin’s nonprofit to promote STEM careers–showed a video of their tour of Space Camp during Blue’s NS-14 launch coverage. They have posted the video of the tour separately to their YouTube channel now:

Space Camp Wings Flying on Blue Test Flight Today

During Blue Origin’s broadcast of their launch efforts today, Blue showed a segment shot at Space Camp! At the end of the tour, they mentioned that a set of Space Camp wings were attached to the flight suit of their astronaut stand-in, Mannequin Skywalker. The live stream of their New… Continue reading

Virtualfest TODAY!

The annual Summerfest celebration and corresponding Space Camp Hall of Fame sadly had to be canceled this year due to the coronavirus. To make up for that, and to raise badly needed funds for Space Camp, the Space Camp Alumni Foundation is hosting the Space Camp Alumni Virtualfest throughout the… Continue reading

Save Space Camp

Space Camp needs $1.5 million dollars within the next three months or it might cease to exist. That’s the message that was delivered by Alabama Space Science Exhibit Commission chairman John Nerger this past Tuesday in a press conference to kick off the launch of SaveSpaceCamp.com, Space Camp’s GoFundMe campaign…. Continue reading

Aviation Challenge Cancelled for 2020

What was supposed to be a ceremonious 30th anniversary year at Aviation Challenge has instead turned to one of sorrow. All Aviation Challenge Sessions have been cancelled for 2020. This will be the first summer since 1989 not to see any Aviation Challenge sessions.