Robert Pearlmen Featured in USA Today

Space Camp Hall of Fame inductee Robert Pearlmen, editor and founder of, was featured today in a USA Today article about the rising interest in space memorabilia as of late. Among Pearlman’s prized possessions is a 4-by-4-foot, 200-pound aircraft-grade milled aluminum hatch — one of 40 made for the… Continue reading

New Plans for the 2011 Space Camp Hall of Fame Ceremony

The 5th Annual Space Camp Hall of Fame had originally been penciled in for August 19th. As of today, the official date is August 26th. But wait!  There’s more! From 2004-2010, the USSRC has held its Saturn V Reunion (recently renamed to the “Space Exploration Celebration”) to coincide with the… Continue reading

Alumni Community Launches

Space Camp today launched a new website. The Space Camp/Aviation Challenge “Alumni Community” is now live at Space Camp made the announcement via their Facebook page this morning, but that post was quickly withdrawn. I will speculate that the post was withdrawn because the sign-up process currently requires hands-on… Continue reading