Your Twitter Guide to ISC

With social media so pervasive in society these days, some students and teachers are posting on Twitter during their time at ISC. To find out what’s happening at ISC in real time, check into the following: @ilsegabriels: Ilse Gabriels, Teacher-of-the-Year from The Netherlands @irbins: Pauls Irbins, the educator from Latvia @masterannia: Annija Korpa,… Continue reading

International Space Camp 2012 is Underway

International Space Camp started off well yesterday evening, with members of ten countries represented at the 2012 session of International Space Camp and the Teachers-of-the-Year from every state in the Union (less two who had to cancel) and US territories represented for the Opening Ceremony! Every International Space Camp session… Continue reading

ISC from a Teacher’s Perspective

Today marks the beginning of the 2012 session of International Space Camp! Teachers and students from ten countries have arrived for a week at Space Camp! After returning from last year’s ISC session, Lisa Ellen Thorsen, an educator from Norway, provided an overview of the experience to The Norwegian Space Centre,… Continue reading

Busy Day, Weekend at Space Camp

This weekend is a busy one! Today, bus tours finally resume to the Marshall Space Flight Center. Space Warriors starts filming on location at Space Camp today! Author Willie Mosley will be on hand from 1pm to 2pm to sign his book, Smoke Jumper, Moon Pilot, his book about astronaut Stu Roosa. The… Continue reading

When Space Camp Turned 18

Space Camp in Huntsville isn’t the only Space Camp celebrating an anniversary this week. Just as Space Camp was reaching legal age, Space Camp Turkey was born! Space Camp Turkey  is currently celebrating its twelfth anniversary! Congratulations! To celebrate the occasion, I have overhauled the turkey photos in the HabPhotos section.  Newer, better… Continue reading

And That’s the Way it Was – ISC 2011 Opening Ceremony

ISC 2011, the twentieth International Space Camp, comes to a close today.  But the opening ceremony was the best in recent memory.  And I have it pretty much in its entirety for your enjoyment! The Parade of Nations into the Davidson Center 3D Theatre officially marked the beginning of the… Continue reading