Guess what’s for Sale in the Gift Shop?!

It’s about time they did this, frankly. And yet, I’m surprised it had never even crossed my mind before. They’ve reissued (though one could make the argument that they’ve just now issued) the SpaceCamp movie patch! That’s right! In honor of the 25th Anniversary, Space Camp is really going back… Continue reading

eBay Auction: Christa McAuliffe and Space Camp

I don’t often mention eBay auctions here, mostly because I want to acquire things as cheaply as possible! But there is quite an exceptional auction right now. It is from the collection of Gary Beadel, a teacher who was an one of the alternates for the ill-fated 51L. Among the… Continue reading

A Smile as Big as the Moon – My Book Report

A little less than two weeks ago, I finally bought and received A Smile as Big as the Moon. I read it quite quickly! I’m certain not every Space Camp fan has gotten around to it yet, so here’s my review, in which I’ve cited some very good reasons why you should go buy and read this book. Now!

Enjoy the review, then go and enjoy the book! Continue reading

Look, Ma! No Boosters!

I recently acquired a currently out-of-print book titled, “Let’s Visit A Space Camp.” The book, which dates back to 1990, contained, among other great photos, one taken before the Pathfinder received its SRB’s. Pretty great stuff!