Space Campers see STS-122 Crew at MSFC

Some very lucky Space Campers were able to go to Marshall Space Flight Center today to see the crew of STS-122! The crew brought along a highlight reel of their mission and took questions from both Space Campers and NASA-folk alike! Afterwards, the crew was gracious enough to stick around… Continue reading

Cernan: Teens Should Go to Space, USSRC: Enrollment

A story posted here at and elaborated further in this story has Gene Cernan quoted as saying, “We need to give the kids, the teenagers, a piece of the action.” …No argument here! And how about college students! Don’t forget me…err..I mean them! The articles also mentioned Space Camp,… Continue reading

Maybe there’s something to that Jackrabbit Story…

This story from today reports that a nine-year-old boy in China was injured when debris fell from a discarded rocket that had launched a satellite into space (he’ll be fine though). …Sure makes one believe it was possible that a jackrabbit really was crushed when that oxygen tank from… Continue reading

Lance, this is what Happens when you don’t Pay your Bills!

The Associated Press is running this story today about N*SYNC’s Lance Bass. It appears that, despite having started training to go to the International Space Station, he has neglected to meet payment deadlines with the Russians and they will be dropping him from the mission.

Live from Outer Space, it’s….’N Sync?

Yesterday’s Studio Briefing over at the Internet Movie Database listed the following story: At least one television production company, Destiny Productions, has offered to co-sponsor a voyage by ‘N Sync’s Lance Bass to the international space station in November and document it for a TV special, the Associated Press reported… Continue reading