Space Camp’s 20th

Sunday, May 26, 2002

Sunday came and I was back at the USSRC before it opened. To my surprise quite a few people came out on the 26th. I had figured that most people who were going to come that weekend would have been there the day before for the heavily-plugged celebration, as opposed to the obscure day after!

Front of USSRC, May 2002

I unfortunately didn’t have a whole lot of time to do very much on Sunday. Amy Dawkins, the USSRC’s Advertising and Promotions Manager, did take me up to her office though and we watched recordings of the news footage from the past two days. I got to see myself standing with Rocket Park behind me while Don Phelps talked about (of all things) me…someone forgot to record the 10:00pm news though, so, as I said, I didn’t get a chance to see my interview…A fact that didn’t have me in tears. After watching the news footage, it was time to go see Space Station. I had missed it the day before because I was working behind the Guest Information Desk when I was supposed to be watching the movie, but it didn’t matter because I knew I would get to see it eventually! It is a very good IMAX film, but I’d say Hail Columbia and The Dream is Alive are still my favorites. I also managed to, before the film, make a quick run through Rocket Park and ride the Space Shot once (a far cry from the first year it opened when I rode it 30 times while I was at Space Academy)…after the film though, that was pretty much it for my vacation.

USSRC out Front, May 2002

On my way out, I noticed someone had set a banana on Miss Baker’s Tombstone…classic!

Miss Baker's Grave, May 26, 2002
And this was taken as I left for the airport. *sigh* I’ve experienced this feeling far too many times. Each time, it just feels worse and worse!

Drive to the Airport, post 20th Anniversary

Finally, I got to the airport and saw an all too familiar site. Not particularly the site I wanted to see as I was leaving, as it was always a place I didn’t mind hanging out in for a little while upon my arrivials. I knocked on the door (couldn’t help it), but alas, no one answered. My trip, it was apparent, was truly over.

Space Camp Room Door at HSV, circa May 2002

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